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Mental rehabilitation is as important as physical recovery.

Sports Inhury rehab Chicago     All athletes will suffer injury from playing their sport. Recovery time can be gauged in days, weeks, months or maybe next season. Your physical rehab is never easy and expect your Mental State to suffer the biggest hit.

     Yes, your Mental State. Your psychological recovery needs help. Everything from your basic confidence to something we never talk about out loud, your fear of re-injury. How do you get your head back in the game after rehabilitation? There is only one way I know of. I call it your imagination or imagery, mental rehearsal or better yet Sports Hypnosis. You can sit around and think good thoughts all you want but if you don't take charge of your sports brain's recovery with the same aggression and intensity you pursue your physical rehab, your sports brain won't be there when your body is ready. Is that really NEWS to you?

     You have seen it and heard it a thousand times, "You are never the same afterward." Well, you shouldn't be. Hopefully, you are smarter now. You weren't invincible after all. And if you didn't think your mental game was fragile, you know that now too. The good news, rehab gives you a chance to build your mental game back up and make it better than before. You probably never did much about your mental game before because you had those physical skills. Well, you are "human" now and you know your brain and body need to work together to achieve your complete recovery and prepare you for the day you put your body back on the line.

      We have been told forever that game time performance is 90% mental. Wouldn't you think that rehabilitation has a mental side too? You bet your crutches it does. I'll assume you got some smarts. What percentage of rehab do you think is mental? At least Half, maybe 90%?

 Sports Psychology rehab Chicago     Mental Preparation for any Competitive Situation is a science all by itself and critically important to your recovery. Most athletes have no mental regiment to prepare for those defining moments. They either don't know there is such a thing as mentally rehearsing for pressure situations or they assumed that repetition, wearing their lucky underwear and more film will prepare them for those defining moments. No, never! Your mental game is developed off the court, away from the locker room and certainly not on the field. Come see me, I can fix your head game.

     Here is what I can do for any Athlete. I can teach you everything you need to know about your mental game and make you a Custom CD that will guide you through all the phases of Mental Preparation to get you back on your feet. All in one session. Amateur Athletes, only $250. Pros pay $2500. Call today: 708-824-9057

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