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     Hello, I'm Paul S. Palmer, PhB., MA, Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, IL. Author: Performing Under Pressure. Chokers can become pressure players.

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Game Time is 90% mental.

      Athletes, test-takers, speakers, performers and business professionals can choke under pressure but all choking situations can be prepared for ahead of time. Call today 708-824-9057.

     I can make you a pressure player and fix your mental issues, Fast. I'll talk to you in plain language, I have a sense of humor and you can't get all that anywhere else!

     What does an office visit cost? How many visits?

       For any amateur, a private one-on-one session and your own custom CD, the cost is only $250, Pros pay $2500. One session and your CD has all the basics you'll ever need to develop your mental game. Payment? Cash, Check or Charge. During busy times you may be asked for a $45. deposit to hold your appointment time. Refundable with 24 hour notice.

 Fall 10% Cash Discount

Coaches and Instructors:
Game Time Performance is 90% Mental

      sports psychology, peak performance zone You better be an expert in all the nuances' that control mental performance on game day. Are you? The best game plan, the best conditioning regiment and ten thousand repetitions mean nothing if your athletes don't know where their Peak Performance Zone is. Do you teach them how to find their Zone and how to stay there, under pressure? No, you don't. Therefore the most important part of game time performance will always be a crap shoot. I teach athletes how to recognize and practice being in their Peak Performance Zone. I could teach you too. See Coaches.

My help is always in confidence. Our secret.

 Most of my athletes don't want the world to know how they improved their performance. Some don't want their competition to know and some are embarrassed to ask for help. But most discover that real mental training and sports psychology aren't taught by their coaches! Sad to say in 2019 most coaches don't know much about Sports Psychology and nothing at all about the oldest tool to help athletic performance, HYPNOSIS. If you want to master your mental game, you have to learn it on your own. The good news is the mental training I teach you is practiced off the field, at home and nobody can tell you are doing anything different, except the improvement in your game day performance. Your secret is safe with me.

Can you help a Pro?

       Pro golf psychology, performing under pressure, ChicagoSure, unless you are a real dope, my program can help any level athlete. If you watch professional sports you already know there are more head cases out there than the local barbershop. Pros are just like amateur athletes, they hope their Mental Game is there when they need it. But, how many times have you seen a 10 million dollar baby choke under pressure?

       If you are a professional athlete, chances are you make more money than my cardiologist and my preacher combined. It's not a bad thing but you need to pay accordingly for my services. Add a "O" to my single session rate for starters, call it a seat tax, guaranteed money, or a sign-up bonus. An individual office session plus a custom CD is $2500. You'll get the Deluxe Treatment with an hour and a half session. I'll explain sports psychology and how it relates to you in plain language. I'll answer any question you ever had about your sports brain and how to control  it. I'll take you step by step through the relaxation process several times and make you a custom CD. (Non-professionals can have the Deluxe Session for $350.)

Did you say Hypnosis?

       Sports hypnosis, Performing Under Pressure, ChicagoYes, I did. Pretty scary stuff. Hypnosis has been around for a few hundred years, a recognized therapeutic tool since the 1950's yet most people have no clue what it actually is. I'll answer all your hypnosis questions on my "Hypnosis" page but for now call the process Guided Relaxation, Mental Imagery, Visualization or even Meditation if it makes you feel better. When you understand what these relaxation techniques can do for you, you won't care what they are called.

Attention Moms and Dads

       Got a kid with physical talent? How do they perform under pressure? How are their grades? Thinking of college? Average cost of a state college is $22,000 a year. A private college can cost $55,000 and up. I hate to bring it up but there are a half million other kids just as physically gifted looking for a SCHOLARSHIP. Coaches look for the ability to play under pressure. Don't wait to get them help developing their mental game. Parental Note: I always work with a student-athlete with a parent or two present.

What sports do you work with?

       Every sport. The mental side of competition and pressure performance is the same for every sport and any type of competitor can choke under pressure. The most obvious sports I work with are baseball, football, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, any team sport plus injury rehab.

Don't live near Chicago?

       Then you'll have to buy my Book. Performing Under Pressure is available through Amazon Books & Kindle eBooks, for only $9.99 or in paperback for $14.99. See the "Book" page to order or preview.

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