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     Stanley Cup Chicago HockeyYou have a stick, a ball (puck) and a net and you are not graded on style. Now that's a sport! The stick is an extension of your body and all stick control sports the player needs to feel that connection. How you move your body and your stick become intertwined. Like all sports your training sessions are about evaluating your body mechanics, your stick handling prowess and your team chemistry.

     But, at game time you need to get out of that practice mentality and feel it all jell together. It won't happen magically because you practiced hard. It won't miraculously happen because your coach said it should. It will only happen because you took the extra time to mentally bring it together. It's called mental rehearsal, I teach you how to do that. I'm Paul S. Palmer, author of Performing Under Pressure, Mental Skills Coach, director of the Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, since 1985. Sports Psychology made easy.

Hockey Psychology, Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago     Ever wondered how it was possible for a good team to came out flat in the biggest game or series of their collective lives? The situation dictates you play at your best, it's what you prepared for all season and on game day, you just don't have it. My favorite hockey team has done that several times already and nobody knows why. Mr. Palmer knows why and I'll share. Every athlete has a peak performance zone in their brain. When they are there, we say they are in the ZONE. I teach you how to find that zone and most importantly how to practice being there, under pressure, so you never come out flat again. (You know who I mean!)

     Beyond all the obvious skills needed to play your sport there is another aspect of any team sport. It is knowing where your teammates are at anytime. ANTICIPATION is a mental skill that the best seem to come by naturally. You can see it when they play, they just know where their teammates are, like eyes in the back of their head. Can you develop anticipation? You sure can and what's more you have all the mental tools to do that. I'll bet you've had moments where you knew what was going on around you. You can get that back if you just knew what you were looking for. That's only one element of your game I can help you with.
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