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 Mental game of golf, Performing Under Pressure

     The ONLY Golf lesson you’ll every need to fix your mental game. Pressure changes how you execute you game. One bad shot and your game goes down the toilet, sound familiar? Performing under pressure is what I'll teach you to do, I'm Paul S. Palmer, director, Sports Motivation Clinic, author of Performing Under Pressure, a Mental Skills Coach.
     Golf is like every sport, game day performance is 90% mental. How much time do you spend specifically on your mental game? Another bucket of balls, new clubs and another lesson isn't working on your mental game!!!

     Golf Psychology, Sports Motivation Clinic, ChicagoShow of hands, had a moment when you hit the ball like a pro? You still remember when you hit "the shot", you retold the story a thousand times. If you can put it all together once in a while, why can't you do it all the time? I'll tell you why. It's all in your head. But you knew that already. You've taken lessons from the best, you have the newest equipment, the cool outfit, the Cuban cigar and you still choke! I help you fix that! One lesson with me and I'll explain exactly why you choke under pressure and I'll explain exactly how to fix it, fast. If you are an amateur, it only costs $250. for a mind lesson and I make you a custom CD to practice with. Pro's pay $2500. (Tiger, did you hear that?)

     All my clients know how to hit the ball, they just never learned how to get their head in the game under pressure. Can anybody learn how to master the mental side of the game? Sure, unless you are a real dope or too old to learn something new. You need to be willing to look at pressure situations differently, practice your mental game at home every day for 5 to fifteen minutes and be willing to trust your mechanics to play the game. It's the smart way to fix your game. Then, you earned those new clubs.

     High school golfers need to know how to play under pressure, it's never too early to discover your mental game. Scholarships are a great opportunity to get an education. I know from personal experience, you don't have to be a starter on the team to earn a college degree. Invest in your future, learn how to master your mental game early. Call today. 708-824-9057

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