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     No better example of Body Control Sports than the Winter Olympics 2018. On the ice, on the snow or flying through the air, it's about making your body do what you practiced thousands of hours for, under the most pressure imaginable. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Author of Performing Under Pressure, Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, and I have been working with body control athletes for three decades to help them perform under pressure and I can help you too.

     Skating, Gymnastics Psychology ChicagoSports like figure skating, gymnastics and diving require a different mental state than ball control sports. Your mental preparation is different. Your focus is on your own body not an external object. It's a dual challenge with style sports, you need to be a top notch athlete and look good while you are doing it.

Body awareness and control is the key. Body control athletes have been taking advantage of Mental Training skills for 75 years. Mental Rehearsal should be a key part of any athletes daily routine but especially in body control sports. At the Sports Motivation Clinic I have been helping Chicago area athletes mentally prepare for competition since 1985.

You can't possibly compete enough.

     Here is the problem: You can't possibly compete enough to discover your mental zone if it doesn't come naturally. Being able to compete under pressure is often a gift from the gods. If you were able to be in a real competition once a week, you could probably find your groove, eventually. But, you spend 99% of you time at rehearsal and only a small fraction of time at actual competition.
     You can try to simulate a real competition but your own mind knows it's not the real thing. Mental Rehearsal seems to be the only answer. But, learning to do it properly is essential. Almost every athlete I have worked with, that was doing some form of mental rehearsal was doing it wrong! I can show you the right way to do it, more important, I can also explain why and how it works.

     If you choke under pressure, you need to build your mental toughness away from the gym or off the ice. That's where I come in. I teach you how to prepare mentally for your brief moments of truth. If you weren't born with the "gift", to perform under pressure, you need to learn how. It's mental rehearsal of your routine away from the rink, the gym or the pool that can make all the difference in the world.

I can even help with new skill development. Well? Call today, 708-824-9057

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