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    Free throw psychology, chicago, Sports Motivation ClinicThe best example in sports of how your mental game rules. The distance is always the same, the height is the same, the basket is the same diameter, the ball is the same and No Defense! What changes when you can't find the middle of the rim?  Your state of mind, Dah!
     The good news is, I can explain in plain language what's going on in your brain when you blow it and teach you what your brain should be doing when you have your game on. In other words, it's no mystery why you choke and that means, I know how to fix it, Fast. Miss a free throw?  Never again!

      You develop your mental game off the court! Your mental game is so important, it needs your undivided attention. If you ever choked under pressure or missed a free throw, you need to know why and how to fix it. That is what the Sports Motivation Clinic, Chicago, is all about. I help you discover your mental game. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Director, author of Performing Under Pressure, a Mental Skills coach.

      You have to drop that tryee! The three point shot has to be part of your arsenal today. If you can make them in practice, then you can make them in the game, if you know how. How has everything to do with your mental game. Game Time is 90% Mental. Most athletes and coaches believe that more repetition develops mental toughness, Wrong! Never!

     Three Throw psychology Chicago At the Sports Motivation Clinic, I teach you how to get your head in the game. If you are of average intelligence, can follow a few simple rules and are willing to practice your mental skills every day for only five to fifteen minutes, you too can learn how to master your mental game. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Director of the Sports Motivation Clinic, helping smart athletes get their head in the game since 1985.

     Michael Jordan made a free throw with his eyes closed during a playoff game. Every basketball player should be able to do that too. I'll teach how to play at the top of your game, under pressure. So you can play like Mike; when it counts.

     If you live in the Chicago area call and set-up an appointment today. If you don't live in the Chicago area you need to order my Book, Performing Under Pressure. Available exclusively through Amazon, Kindle eBooks for only $9.99 or in paperback for $14.99. Click the "Book" tab to order or review.

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