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"90% of this game is half mental."

     Baseball Psychology, Sports Motivation Clinic, ChicagoThe late great Yogi Berra said that. I'm Paul S. Palmer, Director, Sports Motivation Clinic, author, Performing Under Pressure. I've been helping athletes improve their 90% for 30 years. I don't teach baseball, I teach you how to get your head in the game, when it counts. With pitching it's about control and every ballplayer is trying to solve their hitting inconsistencies. If you can do it when there is no pressure, you can do it when it counts.

What changes when you add pressure?

     You already know the answer, it's all in your head. If you know that, then what have you done to fix your mental issues? Nothing. This is your lucky day. I know how to make you a pressure player. I can quickly teach you the secrets to the mental part of baseball. I'll explain in graphic detail why you choke under pressure and then explain exactly how to fix it, FAST. Is that cool or what! I'll make you a CD to continue working on your mental game after you leave my office. It's a no brainer, isn't it? Call 708-824-9057

Chicago White Sox and the Cubs are not in the playoffs again! They didn't read my book.

Hitting the Ball

     Hitting the ball is critical to the game of baseball, missing the ball is critical to your career in baseball. Simply put, if you can't make the ball do what you want, you are screwed. I know how to help you make more contact with the ball. All of your hard work, your ten thousand swings of the bat, the best coaching tips, all come down to one brief mental moment at the plate. A moment that is measured in tenth's of a second. All of your preparation and analysis happens when you have plenty of time to think about it, that is called practice. At the plate, in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded and two outs, you don't have time to think about your mechanics. That moment is not about mechanics, it's about letting the automatic part of the brain finish the game. If you don't think that takes a particular mental skill and a bit of practice, your defining moments as an athlete will always be a crap shoot. I help you prepare mentally for those magical moments.


     baseball psychology chicagoWhat causes slumps? It's a shift in your mental game. What the hell does that mean? It means, it's all in your head! Your mental approach to the game changed and most players have no idea what happened. One bad play, one bad at bat, can cause you to doubt yourself and then the whole thing comes unraveled. Sound familiar? How does the average player get out of a slump? They try everything and that only makes it worse. The good news, you have the proper mind set to play the game in your head, somewhere. You have had moments when you were in your groove but it's not easy to get back there. That is where I come in. I can teach you how to recognize your ZONE  and show you how to practice being there when you need it. The idea is to not let one bad play or one bad at bat throw you off your game, ever again. Mistake recovery is a big part of mental conditioning training. You need to know how your sports brain works, so you can fix the glitches every athlete encounters, Fast.

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